TLC For Your Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances

Take time to love your kitchen appliances, and they will love you back, 100% guaranteed! If you maintain them properly, you can help extend their useful life, improve their efficiency, and the best of all, cut down on costly repairs in the long run. 

Follow these useful tips from Spectrum Appliance Repair to cook up some romance instead of stress, annoyance, and inconvenience with an inefficient and unreliable kitchen appliance.

 Lovin’ For Your Oven

  • Within a week of a big meal, do not run the self-cleaning cycle, as ovens seem to malfunction during or right after a cycle.
  • To help cook more quickly, clean the reflector bowls below the burners.
  • If your oven doesn’t have a self-cleaning cycle, use spray oven cleaner instead and some good old-fashioned elbow grease to clean the oven.

Tender For Your Dishwasher

  • If you are unsure that an item is safe in the dishwasher, wash it by hand.
  • Operate an empty dishwasher with a cup of white vinegar to eradicate odors and dirt buildup.
  • Remove food bits daily.
  • Polish the dishwasher door with a stainless steel cleaner.

Rekindle With Your Refrigerator

  • To clear any residue from the coils, unplug the refrigerator and use a cleaner. This would cause it to run more smoothly and slash your utility bills.
  • Ensure that it’s fully loaded, and it should be spread evenly.
  • Don’t put hot food straight right inside.
  • Keep an eye on frost build-up.
  • Regularly, check the condenser coils for dust and dirt, and clean them if needed.
  • Ensure the door gasket seal is not damaged to prevent cold air escape, making the unit work harder.

Bringing Up Your Cooktop

  • Never use an oven cleaner on your cooktop.
  • Clean it properly to prevent scratches and other damages.
  • It’s a big NO-NO when using chlorine bleach, ammonia, and metal or nylon scouring pad.
  • Use the right cookware.

Foster Your Washer

  • Don’t overload it.
  • Use only the preferred and right amount of detergent.
  • Wipe down the drum, door, and gasket to ensure it won’t give off odors.
  • Transfer clean laundry to the dryer right after it is done to prevent wet clothes from mold and mildew buildup.

Satisfy Your Dryer

  • Shake out clothes after each cycle.
  • Don’t overload it.
  • Use a dryer sheet.
  • Clean the vent and drum regularly.
  • Take a deep clean your lint screen and lint trap.

Kitchen appliances should last a lifetime. That is why you should do every extra effort you can to prevent breakdowns and enjoy them for longer. Use your new appliance maintenance knowledge, as stated above, to get the most out of your fridge, oven, cooktop, washer, dishwasher, and dryer.

For more tips or require appliance repair when it malfunctions and breaks down, call Spectrum Appliance Repair! Whether you require an oven repair, range repair, cooktop repair, stove repair, dishwasher repair, washer repair, or dryer repair, we got you covered! 

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