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GE Monogram® brings 100 years of reliability and stability into your home!

For more than a century of quality innovation, GE Monogram continues to work hard designing innovative kitchen appliances that work more efficiently and last longer. GE Monogram doesn’t just provide dependability on their appliance, they guarantee it lasts for years to come.

GE Monogram ensures that when you bring home Monogram appliances, you’re bringing home the best working task handlers in the house. Monogram refrigerators preserve food cold and fresh while Monogram ovens cook and heat delicious meals for the family. Dependable appliances to do your tasks all day, every day!

That’s why for decades, generations of homeowners have acknowledged the reliability and capability inside all Monogram kitchen appliances.  Ge Monogram refrigerators repairdishwashers repair, ovens, cooktops, Microwaves, wine coolers, and ranges, all built to handle any chore with ease.

Spectrum Appliance Repair handles several brand name repairs!

However, even such quality appliances require maintenance or the occasional repairs. Should you need GE Monogram appliance repair, you can trust Spectrum Appliance Repair, the leading appliance repair provider in the country.

Our professionals will troubleshoot the problem and thoroughly explain the issue to you. Spectrum Appliance Repair stands behind our job and the parts we use, thus you can trust our experts to get the job completed. If your Monogram appliance fails from reasons linked to the original repair, we will replace any component that fails due to defects in supplies, craftsmanship, and offer any additional labor for free.

Spectrum Appliance Repair will repair your GE Monogram appliances regardless of where you bought them!

Whether it is your Ge monogram refrigerator repair, dishwasher repair, ice-makers, wine coolers, oven, cooktops, or range, Spectrum Appliance Repair will send certified repair technicians to your home to repair and maintain your Monogram appliances. We know the importance of keeping your kitchen appliances maintained and in good condition.

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Make your appointment with Spectrum Appliance Repair for a time that works best for you! 

Trust Spectrum Appliance Repair for swift, trustworthy service and satisfaction guaranteed!

Why go for Ge Monogram Refrigerator Repair instead of replacement

When your refrigerator gets broken down you have two options to choose either replace or repair. Refrigerator repairing is something that not everyone can handle. That is why it is always recommended to go for Ge Monogram refrigerator repair professionals who guarantee that you get quality service. Though you might consider replacing your fridge with a new one, the benefits of repairing your fridge will certainly outweigh the option to buy a new one


Reasons to Choose GE Monogram Refrigerator Repair

Saves your money

Ge Monogram Refrigerator repair gives you the benefit to get your fridge fixed within budget without including any extravagant costs. When you take your fridge to professionals they evaluate all defects and give a reasonable estimate of the repair cost. Sometimes there is only a slight problem in the fridge. Buying a new one on the other hand will surely cost you a hefty amount.

Energy Efficient

Upgrading your old fridge by Ge Monogram Refrigerator repair manual will also help you to make your appliance more energy efficient. All you need is to have some modifications done such as replacing a broken gasket or freezer door.


Ge Monogram Refrigerator repair is the most economical way to enjoy your old fridge efficiently without any technical problems. Also, the cost of refrigerators is skyrocketing in the market. Considering the small amount of technical modification and repair cost is nothing compared to the price of a new fridge.



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When you’re looking for an appliance repair company, we know that you want a complete service that takes care of all the issues you’re experiencing. At Spectrum Appliance Repair, our team of professional technicians has years of experience under our belt so you can trust in the service we will provide. Our goal is to save you the headache that comes with appliance breakdowns and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Whether you’re in need of refrigerator repair or washer repair, we can help with any appliance issue.

Dann S.

Arrived on time and diagnosed the problem. Returned with part and fixed our oven and then took a last ditch stab at restoring the gas supply line to our cooktop (which was clogged from bad starchy spillover). They fixed that too at no charge and saved us replacement of the cooktop! They got a new customer for certain. Highly recommend!

Michael W.

I can’t say enough great things about these guys. They are dependable, honest, and trustworthy. They repaired my washing machine and problem solved my dryer. Their honesty on what is most cost effective is what makes them so trustworthy.


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