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Our technicians are professionals, experienced, and well-trained to work with luxury appliances such as Dacor. As well as licensed, certified, and fully insured. At Spectrum Appliance Repair we strive to provide quick, dependable, and affordable service to make sure we are the best choice! We guarantee that we can come to you on the same day, and never be late for an appointment. We load our vans with the most common Dacor parts to fix appliances that need component replacement. Our fee is straightforward and flat, we never charge hourly and don’t add any extra charges for an emergency or late hour jobs.

The sooner you contact Spectrum Appliance Repair, the sooner you’ll enjoy a fully operating Dacor appliance.

Over 50 Years of Providing Excellence in Your Homes

Dacor is proud of the luxury cooking appliance they’ve created, Though the cooking appliances are intended for home use, they are produced in a way that professional chefs can use them in a commercial environment to create intricate meals. Dacor has done an excellent job blending the latest technologies with quality craftsmanship and producing exceptional cooking range-stoves one after another. That is why Dacor has a cooking appliance that gives homeowners convenience and quality.

Expert Quality Repairs

It doesn’t matter what Dacor stove or cooktop you have, our technicians have the knowledge, experience, expertise, and spare parts needed to restore it to top condition. There’s no appliance problem too large or too small for us to solve.

Dacor Repair Services

  • Dacor Stove/Range knob replacement or repair
  • Hardware updates to improve stove’s function 
  • Diagnosing shorts and replacing bad electrical wiring
  • Updating mechanical components including digital displays, thermostats, and motherboards
  • Replacement of damaged stove covers

 Professionals with years of experience that know the inner workings of every appliance

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