Simple Tips to Prevent Dryer Fires

Prevent Dryer Fires

Are you aware that one of the most common household fires is caused by dryers? When they occur, they can be very unsafe, hazardous, costly, and a huge hassle to carry out with. Our team of experts at Spectrum Appliance Repair has come up with a blog to talk about the key steps to definitely diminish your chance of you getting a dryer fire. If you ever need any dryer repairs, make sure to contact our experts to assist you!

1) Get an Expert to Install Your Dryer 

It can be the primary and most important way or step. Performing this step will guarantee that your dryer is excellently installed. Specialists know the installation process of different units (from an electric dryer to a gas one). They also know how to install combo dryers/washers and individual units. There are certain proposals from particular manufacturers that got to be followed when installing, this includes things just like the vent pipe. The expense of hiring an expert to install your dryer machine is well worth the cost when you’re discussing things like safety and proper dryer installations.

2) Regular Maintenance

The most common reason for dryer fires could be a lack of maintenance and cleaning. There are some places that ought to be cleaned behind where lint is collected. It is suggested to get your dryer properly cleaned at least once a year. You should also be examining your vent and hose at least twice a year. The most perfect way to ensure a legitimate assessment and cleaning of your dryer machine is to contact a professional appliance repair company to do your deep clean and check for any dryer problems.

3) Don’t Have Flammable Things by Your Dryer 

In spite of the fact that lint build-up is the primary cause of dryer fires, it isn’t the only cause. It is highly advisable to not, beneath any situations, have the following flammable things stored around or on top of your dryer machine; boxes, cleaning items, baskets of dress, and any other flammable objects. It is best to keep all clutter away from around your dryer. Always be reminded that it will help to guarantee that your chance of a fire is very low and that if a fire does start, makes sure that it can’t spread if you’ve got no clutter and flammable things for it to spread to.

Dryer Maintenance with Experts at Spectrum Appliance Repair!

If ever you need an expert for a thorough dryer cleaning, make sure to give our customer services team a call to come to clean it for you! Our team is ready to handle any problems you might have with your appliances. Protect your family from dryer fires by getting regular dryer maintenance services with us! To set up an appointment, call us today! Good news! Our team can also help you with your dryer repair, refrigerator repair, cooktop repair, oven repair, washer repair, and any other appliance repair needs.

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