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Magic Chef: Your Kitchen Appliances Partner For More Than 85 Years

Magic Chef has been a great provider of kitchen appliances for more than 85 years. Today, Magic Chef continuously offers a versatile line of kitchen essentials making life easy for homeowners and business owners alike. Magic Chef is built on the pillars of easy everything, everyday dependability, and responsive customer service. The Magic Chef brand is committed to making products that are simple and user friendly.

However, if any of these products or appliances are not taken care of, then it may become defective and may cost you a lot of repairs. Fortunately, your go-to appliance repair company is here to help you handle any of your appliance problems. Spectrum Appliance Repair has the experience and expertise in terms of appliance restoration. We are the leading provider of appliance repair solutions, making our customers stick to our excellence and quality services.

Our team is committed to providing our clients with only the best and affordable technician rates. By utilizing only our finest equipment, we know that we can always get things done right on time. So, if you need repair services with your Magic Chef Appliances such as:

  • Magic Chef Refrigerators
  • Magic Chef Beverage Coolers
  • Magic Chef Freezers
  • Magic Chef Ice Makers
  • Magic Chef Cooktops
  • Magic Chef Dishwasher
  • Magic Chef Ranges
  • And anything else

Spectrum Appliance Repair is available 24/7 ready to handle any of it. From big to small appliances, you know you can always trust our technicians to get it done for you.  


At Spectrum Appliance Repair, we fully understand the importance of a well-functioned and a peak condition appliance. That’s why we work hard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to bring you nothing but only the best results. So, hire us now and get started with our highly-trained professionals today!

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