Signs You Need to Service Your Washer and Dryer

Washer and Dryer

As an owner, you should keep your eyes and ears wide and awake for the signs your washer and dryer might need some extra care and attention. With these, it will help you keep your washer and dryer in top working condition. The faster you address a problem, the lesser possibility you will have to deal with all of the expenses of a full appliance replacement.

Here are some of the symptoms that your need to contact a professional and trusted washer and dryer repair service.

1) Your Washer is Leaking
If you go to your laundry room and notice a puddle of water, then it’s time for you to look for a washer repair service as soon as possible. A loose connection or an overflowing tub could be the reason why your washer is leaking. If it is not, then maybe there’s a crack in your washing machine.

2) Your Washer Doesn’t Fill or Empty
If you notice that water does not fill your washer drum up or there is still water inside after the cycle finishes, you possibly have a problem with your unit. There might be a broken pump, kinked hose, clogged filter, or some other blockage that makes your washer isn’t filling or empty. So, hiring an experienced appliance repair technician can help you diagnose your washer as soon as possible.

3) Your Washer and Dryer Are Noisy

Do you have an idea that all appliances make some noise? Even if we know that fact, still, you may need to service your washer and dryer if that noise is unusual and excessive. There are times, banging and rumbling are caused by an imbalanced load. If that’s the case, you can correct it by removing some clothes and rearranging them. If excessive noises still there, you could have a loose motor mount or drum that needs adjustment.

4) Your Washer and Dryer Keeps Moving

Is your washer or dryer keep on moving around the room? If so, you might need some help from an appliance expert. For your information, your laundry appliances should remain in place when in operation. If they don’t, it could mean that they are not in level or have some other serious problem.

5) The Drum Is Not Spinning

If you notice that your washer drum isn’t spinning, this is generally a serious problem with either the lid or door switch or belt. While either can be fixed and replaced, it’s not certainly an easy task. It is something you’ll want to put in the hands of an appliance repairs specialist.

6) You Don’t Know What’s Wrong

Have you noticed that your laundry machines aren’t as efficient as they were in the past? Don’t you have an idea what’s happening to your washer or dryer? Then, it’s better to err on the side of caution and hire a professional technician to take a look at your appliance issue before the problem gets worse.

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